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Operational & Training solutions for the organization and individual scaled to fit small and large needs.

Twista Aspen provides our customers with value-added training services through decades of experience.  Our success is achieved through a driven approach which creates a successful environment for our clients.

Tailored to fit the learners needs, our approach includes the latest technologies like AI and blockchain. Immagine working alongside of Alexa to complete your courses and store your final credentials in a blockchain ledger for easey access to you and your career stakeholders. Work at your own pace with subject matter experts at your fingertips. You will not see traditional testing but through an adaptive learning process will navigate through the courses with complete understanding of the material via emedded assessments.

Whether a large corporation, a small business of six, or a team of one, we have your training solutions. Using a blend of traditional, electronic, mobile, and personalized learning tools, each individual will have their own learning path to complete in a way that normal business routines receive minimal interruption. 

Do you need an onboarding solution? A fix to a procedural problem? Sustainment training? Or maybe you just want to learn a new skill. A personalized path of learning for each individual will ensure that the milestones selected to match the employees' behavior styles​ in order to make the elements of learning both challenging and interesting.


At the forefront of ever-changing tools and philosophies, and are fully committed to exceed expectations.

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​​​Guaranteed effective, cutting edge learning solutions. Our history of successful support speaks volumes.

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A well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, affordable learning solutions.

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  • Increase system efficiencies within your organization
  • Increase retention of quality people
  • Improve the capabilities of existing team members
  • Improve Performance Management
  • Instill Lifetime Learning philosophies
  • Use modern technologies like blockchain & AI


​​​​Twisted Aspen Learning Services